13 June 2012

Love Letters to France

I was initially terrified by the thought of traveling overseas alone, but I recently returned home from a solo trip to France. Not terrified any longer, and actually quite empowered, I can honestly say that it was the best two weeks of my life.

And, seriously, I. Want. To. Live. There.

Now, I could probably write pages about those fabulous two weeks, but I won't, I'll just briefly outline my most favorite thing: How much I was delighted by the change in culture..

 I loved that little kiss-kiss when you meet someone new or say hello to a friend, the way people dress with style every day, and how men are not shy about carrying a bag or drinking a fruity beer or cocktail (just like what you like!).  I loved the incredible public transportation system and that hardly anyone seemed to own a car. I loved that everyone speaks at least two languages, sometimes three. I loved eating bread at every meal, not eating dinner until 9pm, and how when you buy a bottle of wine in a shop they will ask if you need paper cups with that. But the one thing that stood out to me the most was that people always seem to have time. Time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee (I never once saw someone walking with a cup of joe in hand), time to eat a three course meal that always includes dessert, time for another glass of wine, time to walk to the market, time to watch the sunset by the river, time to sit in a park and just enjoy the view and a good conversation, time to just live.

During my travels, I visited five French cities, but I was of the mindset that I wanted to experience France, not worry about taking a million pictures of everything, so here are just a few snaps from my  French Adventure, Twenty-Twelve:

I kept a brief scrapbook/journal.
New boots in Nantes! Black is the new black.
Did I just get a glowstick in my cocktail? Yes.
Bisous to Heather at the train station in Angers!
Paris, Je t'aime 
I had to.
 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise
Sunset outside the Louvre. We finished the bottle.

Chateau de Versailles

Behind Notre Dame, Paris.

Until we meet again, dearest, loveliest France..

29 February 2012

Leap Day!

Only once every four years.
Woop woop!

25 February 2012

You're Leaving (But It's Okay)

Great going away party...
and the best Hope Journal entries ever:

23 February 2012


(This Sunday!)