29 February 2012

Leap Day!

Only once every four years.
Woop woop!

25 February 2012

You're Leaving (But It's Okay)

Great going away party...
and the best Hope Journal entries ever:

23 February 2012


(This Sunday!)

21 February 2012

Super Fat Tuesday

(click on any of the pictures to make them bigger!)

Pancakes, Bacon, Irish Coffees, Besties, Beads, Crowns, Poprocks, 
Karaoke, Bradley the Bartenter, Saluting, 
and Big Bear Hugs.


20 February 2012

Twin Sons from Different Mothers

Our record wall has got some gems.

19 February 2012

Sunday Stuff

 Pretty much this...
and this.

Love Sundays.

18 February 2012

So, I Went to a Movie by Myself..

And I loved it.

Seriously, guys, if you haven't seen it already, definitely check out The Artist.
If you have seen it, tell me what you thought!
(That's the one downside to seeing movies solo: 
Nobody to share your opinions with.)

17 February 2012

16 February 2012

Black Mamba

A delicious dinner with the family tonight!
(Featuring Beth's homemade veggie soup, and herb rolls)
Immediately followed by yummy chocolate pudding, Crazy Time,
and a special appearance by Julius the Corn Snake.

15 February 2012

Snow Day

We got a blanket of snow last night!

14 February 2012

GALentine's Valentine's

 A lovely GALentine's Day to all the ladies.
And thank you to all my darlings who made mine delightful
(you know who you are).
I hope yours was a special one!

13 February 2012

Sky Me

Dear New Mexico,

One thing you always have going for you:
Even when it's cloudy out, 
your skies are lovely.

12 February 2012


HPC Bingo Night at the Casino!
We may or may not have gotten a little rowdy (by bingo hall standards)
and were shushed on several occasions for...laughing?

And I'm pretty sure most of those old ladies had cheat codes.
(How else is it possible to win so fast??)

Also, a special thanks to:
Coffee Lady.

Dirty Bourbon

Saturday night.
Boot-scootin' and two-steppin'
all night long.