12 May 2010

Final Favorites

In honor of finishing finals this week, I put together a little shout out to a few of my favorite things from my first semester at UNM. In no particular order.

Sattellite Coffee
Made all my studying dreams come true.

Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Artist

Buffalo Exchange, on Central
I love that it's walking distance from campus!

Lee Krasner, Abstract Expressionist
Jackson Pollock's Wife

Riding the Bus
Save time, save gas, and study on the way to school.

The Abundant Study Spaces in Zimmerman Library
I get inspired every time.

Edward Steichen's Family of Man photography Exhibit, 1955
Take good photographs, and the art will take care of itself." - Edward Steichen

The Zookeeper's Wife, by Diane Ackerman
History 102 assignment, and I
loved it.

Cindy Sherman, Post-Modern Photographer
All self-portraits

Birdsong Books!

Best used books around.

01 May 2010

To celebrate the first day of May,
Katy, Meg and I made May Day baskets to hang on the doors...

Happy May Day!