21 June 2010

Best Day Award

John and I spent a fabulous day about Albuquerque yesterday.

After mass, I had packed a breakfast picnic of homemade banana bread, fruit, and iced coffee, which we ate in the shade at Tingley Beach.
Accept for the geese (one totally charged me), it was a lovely and relaxing way to enjoy the morning.
We also hung out with Mr. Tingley for a bit.
Oh, and it's amazing what some people consider to be a "beach."
I would've named this place Tingley Pond. Just saying.

Next, we went to Old Town for some strolling, some iced tea from Romero's, and listened and sang along to Los Primos in the shady town square.

New Mexico is known for being the first wine producing state in the US. Our next stop was Anasazi Fields, a small family owned winery North of Albuquerque in the historic village of Placitas. They offer free tours and tastings of their unusual dry fruit blend wines. Definitely a new Mexico original.

Their sign was having a bit of an identity crisis.
What shape IS this, anyway?

We then made our way to another winery in the small village of Corrales.
Corrales Winery in known for it's mild sweet wine blends, and its spectacular view of the Sandia Mountains.

Next stop, the movies. Since neither of us had been to a flick in ages, the perfect place was the Cinemark Movies 8 theater on Coors, since the films there come out several month after they're out in current theaters. At $2 a ticket, we saw Date Night, starring Tina Fay and Steve Carrell. There were some funny moments and several celeb cameos.

To end the day, we headed to Garduno's for some Mexican cuisine and margaritas.
Mexican FOOD COMAS ensued.

I love Sundays.


  1. Um, is it just me or is there a WHITE BUFFALO totally in that Corrales winery sign?????

    And that identity crisis sign is a fish holding a bottle of wine, and sharing it with a seagull. So obvious.

  3. You are so right, Claire. And YES there is White Buffalo pride in New Mexico too!!!