05 July 2010

Crafts for Independence

It's not a holiday without a project, and every time I go into a crafting store, I get inspired. So, wanting to make something fun for the 4th, I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and stumbled upon this delightful red white and blue tulle.
Inspiration! I snagged a half a yard of each and decided to make some crazy patriotic headbands for Katy and Meg.

The girls have a ton of headbands already, so I just covered two purple ones with a thin layer of the tulle, then made a bunch of little rosettes..
like this, and attached them individually to the top and side of the bands.
For the finishing touch, I tied on random spurts of the tulle to make the bands look more like fireworks.
and Viola!

The girls loved them.

Oh, and check out these star-spangled pies Beth and I made.
Beth made strawberry rhubarb, and her famous Brown Bag Apple, and I made the flag-esque cherry.

Happy 4th of July!!



  2. oh my....I so want to the cherry flag pie, now I'm hungry!!