05 December 2010

December 5, 2010

Another lovely Sunday. We had a little bit of sunshine in the morning, and the late afternoon was perfect cardigan and coat weather. After church, John and I strolled on over to the Fair Trade market the parish was hosting. Saw some adorable and amazing hand-crafted goodies, and purchased a few little things:

Finger puppets, handmade in Peru.
Two bunny rabbits, two cats, and a wolf.
SHH! They may or may not be stocking-stuffers for the kids!

These rings were crafted out of old telephone wires (made in Ghana).
Super cool, and unique!

That afternoon we ended up in Santa Fe, and though our favorite little coffee house was closed for the day, we stumbled upon this lovely French Creperie, and just had to go in for a taste..

Chicken Spinach Mushroom Crepe, with coffee.

Raspberry Blueberry Crepe, with whipped cream on the side.

They also had cakes and gator breads. Who knew?

The Cats (who I have now officially adopted as my own) also shared a cup, then tipped with a couple of $20s. No big deal.

Loved it.


  1. I love you and those wealthy cats. And that French p√Ętisserie/creperie! Looks pretty legit!!!

  2. Cute blog! And I wanted to tell you I love your hair... you are making me want bangs again!

    The Weekend File

  3. Thanks, lady! I have since let the fringe grow out...but they were fun while they lasted!