03 June 2011

Yes, Please.

Since it is now June (!!!), I thought I'd share some things I have been majorly crushing on for the first half of twenty-eleven..

The girls of EttaGrace crack. me. up. 
So nerdy, but somehow so cool..

Poached Eggs
This is really the only way to eat eggs. Quick, easy, no messing with a spatula. 
Add cheese, an english muff, maybe some spinach, and you've got yourself a little slice of heaven.


Not gonna lie, I have never been too much of a thrift store shopper.. that is, until recently.  Will someone please tell me why was I not told about this whole thrifting thing sooner!?? In just the last few months, I have found some gems. GEMS, I tell you. And I haven't paid more than 8 dolla for a single item yet! 

Thanks bunches to these ladies for the inspiration..

Gaining a new appreciation for beer.
Working in a brewery will do that to you.... that, and a free beer after every shift.
But really, beer is fascinating, and it's all brewed right there in the building! 

Annnd, I may have stole this game from the boyf, and I read all the answers. 

Jenny and Johnny, "I'm Having Fun Now"

I got this album probably sometime in February. I just cannot get enough of these two. Got my tickets to see them in Santa Fe on Wednesday! (Oh, and I might be going to see them again in LA...in two weeks.)  

Fave tracks: Big Wave, Just Like Zeus, Animal.

The Downtown Grower's Market began last week!

What a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning, sipping on a basil lemonade and easting chocolate croissants while listening to some soulful live music in the grass.  Ahh, summer.