27 December 2011

Dressember Days 23, 26 & 27

 Day 27

Everything is C's except the tights! 

Day 26

Dress-Buffalo, Flannel-Target (boy's department)

Day 23

Dress and Belt-C's, Sweater-Nordstrom, Boots-Steve Madden

 Back in the Dressember saddle at last! So sorry for the absence, 
but I have literally been in bed with the worst of colds for the passed few days.
(Seriously, I could post pictures from Christmas weekend, 
but they would mostly just involve me laying on the couch
buried in blankets, eating smoked salmon,
while watching copious amounts of Lord of the Rings 
and Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.)
Not a pretty sight.

Anyways, still a bit under the weather, but back in the swing of things.
Sort of.

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Christmas!

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