07 February 2012

Oh, Here She Comes..

Typical Tuesday Night.

Karaoke Tuesdays have kind of become a thing lately.
And let me tell you, there is quite the cast of characters at the bar around the corner every week.
Including (but not limited to):
The Party Table, which sort of changes weekly.
One week it's us, the next it's someone else with an even livelier group.
Duets abound.
The Girl With an Amazing Voice Who Will Not Stop Singing Too-Long
Sappy Ballads and Phantom Of the Opera Tunes.
Seriously, sister, we get it, you can sing, But save those songs for 
the shower, or your morning commute.
Karaoke for the crowd!
The Old Lady Who Drives Her Two Adult Sons to the Bar....
And Then Stays to Party With Them All Night Long.
This woman is a dancing fool. And Always polishes off at least two bottles of wine.
(BTW, the quote on the napkin pictured above is a direct quote from her last night..)
The list could go on...


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