01 February 2012

Pie, and Picturuary? (it's a working title)

Is it really February already!??
Holy moly.

Alright, I've made a decision (since I abandoned this blog all last month).
I am going to post a photo (or two, possibly three)
every day for the entire month of February.
I miss the compulsion to blog every day that was Dressember.
So bring on the arts, and crafts, the outfit pictures,
the occasional picture of me lying in my sweats on the couch
(ok, hopefully not that last one); whatever.
You get the idea.

Let's do this.
So, to start the month out right, today I baked me a delicious apple pie.
Happy February, kids!


  1. yah girlll!!! Photo a day is TOUGH. here I am thinking its going to help me highlight the beauty offered by every single day....and its mostly just proving to me how boring my life really is....hahaha

  2. For real! Hahah. I feel like such a failure the days when I just want to lay in bed and watch The Office on Netflix... and I'm only a week into this.